D&Q delivers donated luncheon meats to groups, VOAD

Salvation Army receives 8,000 cans of luncheon loaf
September 15, 2015
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D&Q delivers donated luncheon meats to groups, VOAD

By Frauleine S. Villanueva |Posted on September 09, 2015

Ten pallets of Black Label Luncheon Loaf worth a total of $38,000 were turned over yesterday to various groups and organizations to support relief and recovery efforts on Saipan.

The food items, totaling 20,160 cans, was donated by Hormel Foods and coursed through its Saipan distributor, D&Q International.

“This was their initiative,” D&Q resident manager Max Kretzers said. “This took a little longer than we wanted because the shipping got kind of delayed. But even though it’s a little late, people still need help.”

D&Q itself paid for the shipment of the donated luncheon meat, estimated to cost an additional $3,000.

One pallet, containing 84 cases or 2,016 cans, were donated to the Chinese Association of Saipan at their office yesterday.

“Thank you for this donation from Hormel and D&Q and our president Jerry Tan,” association vice president Anna Chan said.

The association has about 50 members, who will handle the distribution of the goods.

“We’ll send it out to people as soon as possible,” association director Rose Chan said.

Another pallet was turned over to the United Filipino Organizations through Philippine honorary consul Glicerio “Eli” Arago.

“We are very thankful to D&Q and Hormel Foods. We’re very happy that we’re considered to be one of the associations that was given one pallet directly,” Arago said.

Arago said he delegated the task of distributing the relief items to the UFO as it has the manpower to do so.

UFO president Bong Malasarte said they are scheduled to distribute the luncheon loaf together with other goods this coming weekend.

“Thank you to D&Q, Mr. Max, and to our honorary consul,” Malasarte added.

The Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster received four pallets of luncheon loaf at their warehouse at the TSL Complex, which is being manned by members of the Seventh Day Adventist.

Various non-profits and non-government organizations will be distributing these items to those who need it most.

The rest of the four pallets will be delivered to the Salvation Army today to help with their soup kitchen.

This article was originally authored by Frauleine S. Villanueva of the Saipan Tribune and published on September 9th, 2015. All rights, recognition and acknowledgment belong to the author and the Saipan Tribune.